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6 Reasons That You Should Be Using WordPress

by WP Topcat

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I see almost every day people asking the question: Should I use WordPress to build my website or blog, or should I use HTML?

Resoundingly the answer is YES. You should be using WordPress to build any site at all.

Let us clarify between the two different types of WordPress blogs.

Firstly, there is the one that is hosted on WordPress.com  It has the software but you are extremely limited if compared to using the other type.  The other type is self-hosted. Self-hosted means you have your own web hosting or web space a domain of your choosing on which your WordPress site resides.

You should buy a domain, which you can do for as little as  0.99 from Godaddy, get a cheap hosting package and have your own self-hosted WordPress site. One of the core differences between a WP site hosted by WordPress, or a self-hosted WP site is: on your own site your options are unlimited. You can use any theme of your choice and add any plugins that you choose to make our WP site have additional features.  You can download the file you will need to put onto your server for your own self-hosted WP site at WordPress.Org

On wordpress.com you are very limited for what themes and plugins are available to use.

Now let’s look at five great reasons for getting a WordPress site:

– It’s flexible

With the huge range of themes and plugins available you can do whatever you want with your WordPress website, from changing the fonts and colors and moving your pages around to installing contact forms, security features or even a shopping cart.

With the massive range of themes, both free and premium that are available for you to install on your self-hosted WP site, the sky really is the limit.  You can make the appearance of your site unique. You can extend its functionality.  You can collect email addresses for instance. You can connect it to your Facebook account.  You can secure WordPress much easier than you can secure an HTML site.

– It’s free

WordPress is open source, which means you can download it for free. You will need to pay for your hosting, and some of the themes and plugins have a price tag too, but setting up a WordPress site isn’t going to cost you much at all.

WordPress is completely free to use.  It is open source software so free to anyone. Even if you are creating a business website it is still free.   That means you can get your website with your own domain online at a minimal budget.

– Easy maintenance

WordPress makes maintenance easy, too. There are backup plugins to make regular copies of your site should the worst happen and security plugins to keep intruders out of your site. The WordPress dashboard even tells you when an update is due.

WordPress makes both backups and maintenance easy too. You can easily set either on your web hosting account for automatic backups of your site or you can download one of the many free plugins to back up your site or clone it.  It makes it very easy if you want to change web hosts to move your site to a difference server, or in the event of something taking your site offline, you will have a backup to restore it.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is very search engine friendly. You can improve your site’s SEO more by installing a WP plugin which will do just that. The only thing to remember initially is to change your permalinks from their default setting to one of the other settings. My recommendation is to change them to “Post name”

WordPress is Trusted

The biggest websites in the world use WordPress.  CNN, for instance, is built using WP.  Time Magazine use WordPress.  I don’t know about you, but if it is good enough for CNN and Time Magazine it is good enough for me!

– Very Supported

WordPress have a massive community to offer support. If you get stuck and head over to their support forums you will always find there is an expert around who can help you out, and who are willing to do so for free.

So as you can see, WordPress really is a great choice for your website. In my opinion, it is the only real choice.

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