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Choosing The Right Blogging Platform

by WP Topcat

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Wordpress.com vs wordpress.orgI want to pass on a few more insights regarding the differences between WordPress.com and Self-hosted WordPress sites.  Continued from the previous Topcats post.

It Is always going to depend on what exactly you want to do with your site once it is open and you are posting for which one will be what ou need. If you only want a personal blog or journal then quite honestly, you will probably be better off using the WordPress.com  hosted blog.After registering at the site you can start posting in minutes.

If you want a blog or website for other reasons, especially business related, there is no real choice. You have to use a self-hosted WP site.

The Differences Between Self-Hosted WP and WordPress Hosted Blog

WordPress.com is a service that is hosted by WordPress and it is free to use. If using a WP site hosted at WordPress.com it means your blog and posts will reside on WordPress’ servers, not your own.
Something to keep in mind for anyone posting on WordPress.com or any other of the popular blogging platforms who host the blog for you

is that you are giving WP rights over your content that you may not want them to have. The content of your blog doesn’t strictly belong to you but to  WordPress.

The blogs hosted at WordPress.com have in recent years improved by leaps and bounds. There are many many more themes available than their used to be. You have the ability to create a beautiful looking website or blog on wordpress.com these days. Some of the free themes that are available to use there are just beautiful.

Other features that are included and built in for blogs hosted by WordPress are visitor stats; so that you can see how man visitors your site is getting. However, it doesn’t really compare to adding Google analytics to your self-hosted site. security for your website and backups are also included at WordPress.com You can even still get your own custom domain such as YourSite.com and have your site which is hosted on WordPress servers use that domain.

The alternative is WordPress.org. With WordPress.org you’ll need to buy your own web hosting and install the WordPress software there. In most hosting accounts you can do this with just one click of the mouse. It is more difficult than setting blogging at WordPress.com, but there are plenty of online tutorials to help you and you can pay a web designer or freelancer to do it for you if you prefer. I own a digital agency and we would be happy to set it up for you. Contact Me

WordPress is Free

As I mentioned previously, the alternative is for you to host a WordPress site with your own domain name on our own web hosting. It takes a little more technical knowledge to be able to set it up and a little more time but it’s really not that hard. Then you have total control over your creation and also total ownership and copyright.

First Impressions Count

If you are blogging to make money or to promote your business, products or services, having a WordPress.com blog will not give you a professional look.

The advantages of having a self-hosted blog are huge. Not least of all is the huge repository of themes and plugins that you can use to extend the WordPress core functionalities and features. You can change the colours , change your fonts, add shopping carts and PayPal buttons, add optin boxes and more besides. You can sell advertising to other blog owners on your blog. You can use Google Adsense to make money from visitors to your blog.

So this is the basic differences between the two different WordPress platforms. Only you can decide which is best for you and which will meet your needs most appropriately.

A few more of huge brands that use WP:

  • The New York Times
  •  Yahoo’s Corporate Blog
  • CNN’s Political Ticker
  •  Sony Playstation Blog
  •  Southwest Airlines

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Check back soon too, as I will be adding some tools for WP bloggers to download from here including free ones. There will also be more helpful tricks, tips and information to help you navigate using WordPress.


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