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Is Your Website Legal?

by WP Topcat

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I’ll keep this brief. If you do not meet the legal requirements for your website it will not only damage you with Google and SEO it could get you into a lot of hot water and basically finish you business wise by the hefty financial penalties. You would not be the first this has happened to.

There are a few things you need for your website to be safe. You need the EU cookie notice.  First-time visitors at my site have to consent to the use of Cookies. It is only for the EU but I assume your website has European visitors. In Europe, we have much stricter privacy laws than you do in the U.S.A

The other thing is your legal pages.  Which means at the very LEAST.  A Privacy policy and Terms of service page. You will notice when you create apps on Facebook they ask for these.  If you create an Ad on Facebook you need to make sure these are available even if you only have a one-page website such as a squeeze page. If you don’t you can literally be put out of business and even end up in jail.

If you use WordPress, you can download the EU cookie plugin for free.  <<<<<<

The legal page can be more difficult. You will either have to get a lawyer which will cost you an absolute fortune, and I don’t think many of us want to pay lawyer fees esp per website if you are an affiliate marketer or niche marketer.

How about if I told you could fix this with just a two clicks of your mouse? That in around 30 seconds you get all your legal pages set up and your business is protected. Get all the legal pages you want or need or can ever think of that complies with Google requirements and to make your website legal and protect your business?

You can read more about the legal requirements on Websites by clicking HERE.  Find out how to protect yourself and your business by filling in the form above




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