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WordPress – Keeping It Simple

Simplify your Wordpress site to maximise conversions

by WP Topcat

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WordPress Tips To Keep It Simple

The days are gone when a WordPress blogger or any other type of website owner used an animated flash file or sliding text made with Javascript to attract and engage their visitors. In the digital age that we live in today, the thing that matters most is how much your website visitors are engaging with and interacting with your website and by default you, as the authority in your niche.

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The more people participate and interact with your WordPress site the higher will be your conversion rate. It is a statistic that most often the simple WordPress Themes which has ample room for visitor engagement and interaction such as comments, are the sites that people love. There is more than one reason you should opt for a simpler and less cluttered theme. I will be showing you the 4 top reasons.

Reading Blogs

Content is still king no matter what else you may read. Doesn’t matter if it is your WordPress site, social networking or any other blogging platform, content is still king. The more persuasive your make your content, the more you can resonate with your visitors the more likely your visitors will engage with your content and your site. You Need to Seize the Opportunity. Your content should be so compelling that your visitors cannot resist subscribing to your email list. Lack of Good content will kill your blog. The old web acronym of K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid is the best policy also when it comes to your website.


Ease of Use.

A simple WordPress theme makes for a good and easy user experience for your visitors.

Having too much on your web page not only clutters it up and it looks messy but it also creates confusion for the website visitor. Having too many links on the web page not only make it messy but also create confusion among the visitors. People may get distracted from the things you really want them to click on. It gets lost in the noise. Simple themes for your WordPress site don’t create a mess like this. People love surfing around and staying on and leaving comments on a clean website.

Future Proofing Your WordPress Theme

You need your theme to be easy to swap if at some point you need to upgrade. The simpler the theme you use to start with the easier this will be for you to do.

The main thing to aim at with your WordPress website is usability and conversion. Those things go together. The more widgets and plugins you add, will not only make your website look cluttered and messy, but it will become a developing nightmare. It is likely to also slow down your websites loading time so costing you penalty points with Google. If you keep it simple to start with you will be able to handle the upgrades ahead and switching your own theme. If you overload it and make it complicated it is likely you will need to hire a developer. The simpler your theme is, the easier it is for any non-technical person to manage it.

You Need a Responsive Theme

More than half of the www traffic now is using it only on mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

A simple WordPress theme will be more likely to be compatible with mobile devices also. You will not need to make changes in layouts or edit your CSS files. If mobile visitors visit a cluttered and messy website they will lose interest quickly it will be just too hard for them to cope with. That means you are losing over half of your visitors in that case. On the other hand, on mobile devices where the screen is small, simple themes are just perfect. You not only have to consider what devices your visitors are using but also what browsers they are using to visit your website. Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Firefox and I.E won’t have any layout issues with simple themes. Not only for mobiles but considering various other browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari and IE, a simple theme doesn’t face any type of layout issues. Make your website stand out; stamp your own authentication on it as only you can; give lots of value to get lots of traffic and subscribers.

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The bottom line is, keep it simple, keep it clean and provide quality content which will not only attract visitors who will interact and engage with your site, but who will also become paying customers.

If you have any additional comments to add or your own experiences or any questions please use the comments below. To stay informed and to get updates directly to your inbox please fill in the form below.

What kind of WordPress theme do you use or have you had the best experience with?


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