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Perfectionism Will Kill Your Online Business

by WP Topcat

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Perfectionism Will Kill Your Online Business

perfectionismSo many of us get stuck because we over analyse things. Over-complicate things. We want to launch whatever is our latest project or go for that goal we have set, but we talk ourselves out of in various ways, and negative self-talk.
Aiming for perfection is just one of the ways we do this. We all have those people in the Internet Marketing arena who we aspire to be like. Who are our models for what we want to become in the world of online marketing success. That alone sets a high standard internally for us to live up to.
There is nothing wrong with aiming high. Reach as high as you can. However the goals we set, should be realistic ones. Otherwise we set ourselves up for failure at the outset. The result will inevitably be deep disappoint and discouragement. For many it maybe the thing that leads to their quitting. But set realistic and achievable goals, you will find the opposite. You will be able to reach those goals, giving you the encouragement to further your goals to go for bigger, and feeling assured you are on your way to success.
I have friends who even when it came to setting up a simple blog, they got stuck in the trap of perfectionism. They were afraid to launch it; they were afraid to let be seen by the public in case it fell short of perfection. They were probably afraid if it did fall short of some criticism. The result for them was they had a blog or website they were working on and two years later they were still working on the design; they had not launched it or started posting on it, the design and creation of it had never reached the level of perfection they desired. What good was it to them? Zilch.
Something to think about if you struggle with aiming for perfectionism is this: Is anything ever perfect? Does everything there is always have there room for improvement? If you asked that question to some of the “guru’s” or Internet marking “superstars” invariably 99.9% would without a doubt say they are forever looking for ways to improve things. They have massive success but that success has nothing to do with creating the perfect website, perfect blog post, perfect product, perfect video etc. You get the picture.
Success as we all know only comes if we are taking massive action. Perfectionism is totally opposed to taking action. It will keep you in the creative process but the creation never coming fully to fruition. In that case it can never earn you a red cent or put a single name on your list, or get you noticed in any way at all.
I myself often struggle with the fear of failure. I know how to put something together and what I need to do to make it happen. The fear of falling flat on my face after all that work however will often keep me paralysed. I’m a lot better at it than I was. I have realised the only way to reach my goals is to just go for it, and do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be valuable to some people.
When that has been my personal battle I fall foul to procrastination. Putting off that inevitable moment of truth for success or failure. I have at times been stuck at the same place of putting it off for weeks. Whether perfectionism or some other reason it is just a different side of the same coin. A putting off doing what we need to be doing to reach our goals. A paralysis as far as moving forwards and making progress.
Moving forwards and making progress only will come by taking action and doing. By putting all the things we have learned together and applying them.
Perfectionism or procrastination whatever root your delays come from all have the same foundation. That of negative self-talk. It may be more subtle in some ways as you don’t have that little voice telling you will fail or can never reach your goal. It’s almost more pernicious that you still think you need to do more before you can actually do anything at all.
Lack of self-confidence in your own abilities or your doubting yourself for achieving your goals is something every single person struggles with at one time or another. Not one single highly successful marketer you know has not also struggled with the same thing we may be also struggling with right at this moment.
Their success came however by not remaining stuck there. Changing their game-plan for how they approached things changed the outcome. They refused to be stuck or dictated to by self-doubt and negativity and lack of self-belief. They just went for it.
That is what separates the “men from the boys.” Those who make steady and continuous progress and those who never get anywhere and end up bitter and resentful and always blaming someone else for their lack of success.
Whether its your blog, or a piece of content or a product you have in the making, not one of us needs anything more than we already have. Our success does not depend upon this one thing, or having the latest tool to make things happen. You’re success, my success depends entirely and only upon me and you. Nothing else but you or I can or will make it happen; and nothing else but you or I will be our own biggest obstacles to making it happen. It will either be one or the other.
If you have been stuck, feeling frustrated, feeling like the little hamster on the wheel, going around and not seeming to get anywhere, the positive changes to make to change that can only come from within you. You are not dependent upon anyone else, but you. You are the captain of your own ship. And only you can adjust your sails.
For myself in the above type of scenario recognizing the problem of why I fell into procrastination mode over these things was half way to remedying it. We can only fix problems if we are aware of what they are.
Once I recognized the problem, of why I was faffing about, wasting time on putting something out there or heading towards reaching my goals, I was able to address it. I still struggle with the same things that I feel that doubt and procrastination temptation, but I don’t succumb to it. I recognise it and see it for what it is, and know if I give in to It, it will keep me from the very thing I desire.
It’s like most things in life, it’s not the struggles that we have that make or break us. It is how we learn to deal with them. Shaking my fist at the procrastination’s and doubts, knowing it’s a form of negativity, keeps me going forwards. Since doing that, the tide had started to turn. I have not only been making regular monthly income, but I am also preparing for a product launch.
If these are your struggles in one form or another. They are not unique to you. We all have them. It’s what you do with them and how you deal with them that will be the crucial factor for if you start to reach your goals or not.

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  • January 16, 2017

    Superb infmtoarion here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

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