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Social Networks for Internet Marketers

by WP Topcat

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The Internet Marketer on a Social Network

I am a marketer, I understand how it works. We need to sell. Yet it really hacks me off if on social sites like facebook how there are individuals posting nothing else or little else besides their links.

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I assume if you are reading this post, that you too are an Internet Marketer. I assume that as an internet marketer you at least sometimes buy products or tools to help your business. It goes back to that old saying of: “Nobody likes to be sold to; but everyone loves to buy.”

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Making Money Online

Yet as online marketers making money is our goal. Right? So what am I suggesting? Subtlety? To miss sale after sale because you don’t share your links in every other post? I guess I am suggesting subtlety in some sense, but more than that.

The free social networking sites are great traffic sources. We all know that. Social networks, like Facebook, are great for paid traffic as well as free. In this instance, I am focusing on free traffic.

Internet Marketing For Smart People

So, you have just got your brand new shiny link you are dying to share with the world on Social media. (Not that I am suggesting this is you.) What to do what to do?

Facebook Gives us It’s Own Definition of Social Networking

networking on facebook

Social Networks and Traffic

Well. that is entirely up to you.  You won’t see the best online marketers doing little else but share money links. Facebook Reddit, LinkedIn are all great sources for targeted free traffic. All I am saying is, when on Facebook, be a Facebooker, not a marketer. When on Twitter, be a Tweep, not a marketer. When on Reddit be a Reddite not a marketer. Share quality stuff that has no money involved with it. Share jokes and make your audience laugh. You are just hanging on the top social networks just like your non-marketing Facebook friends do. Making new friends, building new relationships. A totally new and insane concept of using Social Networks to socialise!

Long Term Planning on Social Networking Sites

If you stick at that, for a while, you will be bringing value to the table. You will build a following before too long you will have you will have built some trust and made new friendships and relationships are being built. All this is being done in a perfectly acceptable manner for the Social Network involved. If you have a Facebook group or page you can promote more stuff there, though I still believe even then, the 80/20 rule is a good fit.
That is one post in five being a money post.

Too many marketers get on FB and social networks other than facebook, too eager to get straight to the money. They attempt to do this by sharing links every other post. In actual fact they are alienating people; not making many sales in the process, so it’s really not worth it in the long run. The trouble is some of these folks do make some sales, and they would rather jig along making scarce sales and alienating the people they should be courting, so they pigeon hole themselves into staying just making a few sales here and there.


As a marketer, Do everything with purpose and intent. Being a Facebooker when on Facebook and so forth with all the other social networks, is using your Social Networks with the right intent. Being seen as a marketer on Social Networks is a really bad fit, if that’s all people see you as you are sunk.

Alot of aspects of Online Marketing successfully involves changing our mindsets. It’s not too late to start again and turn things around. People are usually very forgiving of honest mistakes.

mindset of a marketer

Make friends; relax; don’t waste too much time on there. Remember that every friend you make on there, every relationship you build, has the potential to be mutually beneficial to you and them. Remember that at their core too is the question of “What’s in it for me.” Sharing links every other post is no good to you, long term, and it is certainly no good to them. They will resent it and resent you.

Who do you think are the people most likely to buy off you and trust you?
A) Those folks who see your links every few hours in the newsfeed yet they have no idea who you are as a person or what you are about because you have never taken the time to be friendly and engage with your connections? Or
B) the folks on social media who you took time with, and had friendly chat, and shared a few laughs and they know who you are and what you are about? They know you are an Internet Marketer but they think of you as a friend?

Doesn’t really take a lot of figuring out which is best for you long term does it?

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