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WordPress – It Is More Than Just a Blog

by WP Topcat

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Is WordPress Just a Blogging Platform?

If you run an online business of any sort you have probably heard of WordPress. It is not just a blogging platform, I believe every website should be built using WordPress.

You maybe wonder, how much it will cost? Is it a steep learning curve that is going to drain you of your time?  You may be confused because it is generally thought of as a blogging platform.

If those are some of the questions you are unsure about, let me help you out here.

First, WordPress is not only for blogs. It is not hard to learn and the cost is minimal.

WordPress as a Website

WP is a great full website platform. The ability to customise WordPress with plugins themes and widgets means you can use the WordPress platform and yet have a unique website despite millions of other users using it.

Online, It is all about perceived value.  People tend to naturally think of a website as having more value than a blog. Build your website with WordPress and unless you are blogging on it think of it in every way as a conventional website.

Content Management System (CMS)

WP is THE Content Management System.  (CMS)

What is a content management system?

It’s a simple way to get information to your audience.  To put it simply:

  1. You go to a page on the internet.
  2. You fill in a form (basically) with the information you want to get to your audience.
  3. You hit the publish button
  4. The Content Management system will take what you have just done and publish it to your website.

WordPress Content Management System  makes your website easy to navigate with menus that are easy to set up and user friendly.You can publish pages as well as blog posts. You can personalise is so that your visitors know a little about you, who you are and what you are about.  For instance, you can have an About Us, Contact Us, Services, Testimonials and more, all at the push of a button and beautifully organised.

Push Button Simple

WP really is push button simple to get the content you want to your visitors fast.  If you have a website, you will probably have to rely on your webmaster to publish it for you.  Not so with WordPress. Once the site is setup and installed, you don’t need to be a techy. You just do as I described above.  Go to a web page, feed your content into the form and hit publish.

Just because it is easy to publish content with WordPress, doesn’t mean that you must publish. As always, quality over quantity any day. There are advantages to keeping your website updated somewhat frequently with fresh content.  It will yield you more visitors through organic traffic, such as being found on search engines. It will curry favour with Google. They will see your site is genuine and has information that people want and need.


There are hundreds of Free WordPress themes available to download and install and customise to get the look and feel that you want and to suit your brand.

Sceptical? Go to Google and type in the type of business you are and add “WordPress theme” and see the results that come up.  Most of them will not be blog based but business based, and perceived by visitors as a website.

WordPress themes are intended to get the website owner up and running as soon as possible even if a novice at tech stuff.

Of course, if you are intending to use your WordPress website for business reasons. Whatever type of Business you do need something professional.   We will shortly be offering premium themes here from WP-topcat.  We will have an early bird sale.  If you buy from us we will also make sure you are fully supported to install it on your website in case you run into any hitches.

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