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Who Is your Audience?

by WP Topcat

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When launching a new website, blog, product, course or membership site, we have to decide who we want to attract Who is likely to buy from us and follow us.The reason most online businesses fail is they are not specific enough about their target audience.  I’m sure you have heard of \”making an avatar of your perfect customer.”  that is the face of the people you are trying to attract.


You have to put yourself in their shoes and know what problems they are having. What keeps them up and awake at night.  Then you can start to design or formula a solution for that problem.  The problems mankind has are universal. We all have a different set of circumstances, but we all struggle with the same things.  Your avatar for your perfect customer will have thousands or millions of counterparts.

If you go for a broad audience with no idea who are you are trying to attract, you will miss the mark.  To rank for long tail keywords once you have this figured out can be very lucrative.

If there are a  million people out there who would buy your product, You are not trying to speak to all of them. Just those who get you, get to know, like and trust you and will spread the word to their friends, family and colleagues. Word of mouth is not only still a very powerful thing but works better than ever online.

Viral activity is just because this person shared it with his or her friends in the first instance. And it grows like a snowball and gathers not only more speed but also more snow clings to it.

Your unknown audience til you connect with them are strangers. They don’t know you and people these days are more likely to be sceptical of unknown entities until they have been proven.

If you rushed into a crowded hotel shouting to the diners of the restaurant that you had made the best recipe ever that it would make them a million pounds or dollars if they will just give you the backing financially to get it off the ground: How many people do you think would get their cheque book out and invest in you? Yet, over and over this is what a lot of online marketers do, and the reason that so many fail.

Be specific. Go after your target specific audience.  Use SEO, Social media etc to connect with your target audience. Build your tribe.   They will soon be the force that takes your name or brand and puts it out there in front of a host of people who you have never connected with,  on the strength of  those you  have connected with recommendations.



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