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How To Install a WordPress Theme

by WP Topcat

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How to Install a WordPress Theme on Your Self-Hosted WP Blog


Installing a WordPress theme is very easy to do.  You don’t have to stick to one theme for the life of your blog. You can change and update as often as you like.  There are so many free themes from WP that testing themes and getting just the one you like for your website can be slightly addictive.

Where to Find WP Themes

Many places have free and freemium WP themes to download. The WordPress Directory is of course a great place to start browsing at first.  Using t hemes plus the many available free and paid for WP plugins you can get your WP site looking like a professionally designed personal or corporate website without too much hassle.

Types of Themes

There are three different types of themes. Basic, Advanced and Widget Friendly themes.  And of course make sure that whichever one you decide on is mobile responsive (viewable and readable from mobile devices.) With 60% of the web now using mobile and Google penalising sites that are not mobile responsive, you can’t afford to not be mobile friendly.

Basic themes are somewhat limited in what you can do with them. They are the easiest to use however, so you may want to start in gently and use one of those to get going and while you learn to navigate the WordPress admin. The basic themes don’t compromise on being great to look at even though, basic.

Advanced themes can be more difficult to figure out if a WordPress Newbie. However, it is a learning curve worth taking.  When you understand this type of theme, designing websites for you or clients will be easy with the advanced themes.

Widget Friendly Themes

I never use any theme that doesn’t allow widgets. Widgets are often the visible part of WP plugins and the at the core of your WP site doing what you want it to do and having the functionality that you want it to have. Once you figure these out and see the power and oomph that they add to your blog,  you are then able to develop all kinds of unique WordPress designs.  Installing them is as easy as clicking three  buttons. You just plug them into your theme and you are good to go.

You will be surprised to find out how much more attractive your page can be once you learn how to install this into your WordPress theme.

Once you have decided which of the free themes you want to use on your site.  You can install it in your wp-admin with just a few clicks of a button.

Once you have uploaded it you can hit the presentations button to see a preview. On that preview, after you have seen that it looks just like you hoped it would, hit the image to activate.

Play around with the admin area. Once you have done this you will find more easy ways to customise your very own website and will learn how to build more complicated websites.

It may seem difficult to build a web presence for yourself but once you learn how to install your WordPress theme you will find it a much easier endeavour.

This video will give you a visual for how to change your theme so make it easier to find in your WP back office or admin panel.

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